A vehicle used in traffic must be registered within five working days after being put into use in Estonia (generally following the importation of the vehicle or customs clearance).

The vehicle shall be registered in the name of a natural person with Estonian citizenship or a natural person with a permit or right of residence in Estonia, or a legal person registered in Estonian Business Register or a branch of a foreign company. In case the owner of the vehicle is not a natural person with Estonian citizenship or a natural person with a permit or right of residence in Estonia or a legal person registered in Estonia, an eligible representative shall be entered in the register in their name as an authorized user.

The vehicle is generally registered to one person. In case a vehicle has several owners, all owners shall be registered as co-owners and one co-owner shall be appointed by them to be registered as an authorized owner. A registration certificate shall state the owner and authorized the user and the comment field will include a note stating “co-ownership”.

The following documents must be submitted for vehicle registration:

  • application to register a vehicle;
  • documents proving legal acquisition of the vehicle;
  • personal identification document of the applicant;
  • authorization document in case the applicant is a representative of the owner of the vehicle;
  • in case of a new vehicle, certificate of conformity (EC-Certificate of Conformity i.e. CoC) issued by the manufacturer;
  • in case of a used vehicle, valid registration certificate of the country of origin, both parts if the registration certificate consists of two parts;
  • customs clearance documents of vehicles imported from outside the EU;
  • expert report of a reconstructed vehicle or a vehicle constructed on an individual basis;
  • certificate of compliance with requirements set for vintage vehicles for registering a vintage vehicle;
  • national certificate of conformity for registering a vehicle manufactured in Estonia;
  • other documents according to the legislation.