Vehicle registration in Estonia

  • application to register a vehicle;
  • documents proving legal acquisition of the vehicle;
  • personal identification document of the applicant;
  • authorization document in case the applicant is a representative of the owner of the vehicle;
  • in case of a new vehicle, certificate of conformity (EC-Certificate of Conformity i.e. CoC) issued by the manufacturer;
  • in case of a used vehicle, valid registration certificate of the country of origin, both parts if the registration certificate consists of two parts;
  • customs clearance documents of vehicles imported from outside the EU;
  • expert report of a reconstructed vehicle or a vehicle constructed on an individual basis;
  • certificate of compliance with requirements set for vintage vehicles for registering a vintage vehicle;
  • national certificate of conformity for registering a vehicle manufactured in Estonia;
  • other documents according to the legislation.



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