What are the legal aspects to import alcohol to Estonia?

9 min readApr 2, 2021

One of our regular customers has consistently wanted to start delivering wine products into Estonia.

We will now respond to him with thorough instructions, explaining what kind of complex legal procedures will have to be followed.

So to speak, a step by step guide.

The first legal step is to set up a company.
You can do this conveniently by choosing our respective service:


In fact, the first step, in addition to choosing the name, industry, phone and e-mail, and so on, includes choosing an address for your business.

If you do not want your home address to be visible to everyone in various databases and you do not immediately want to rent a luxurious office space, we will also help you with the address:


n the company formation processes, there is a need to select the appropriate activity field. If there is a desire to import alcohol, the activity should be:

Wholesale or retail trade or catering (in Estonian hulgi- või jaekaubanduse või toitlustamise tegevusala ).

This matter is regulated by the Alcohol Act, which provides, inter alia:

  • the import of an alcoholic beverage may be carried out by an undertaking engaged in wholesale or retail trade or catering, the data of the register of economic activities (hereinafter MTR) of which contain the definition of the alcohol handled and information on the import or export of alcohol
  • Whereas the importation of spirits may be carried out by an undertaking engaged in the activity of wholesale trade whose MTR data contain information on the importation or exportation of spirits
  • The imported alcohol must be entered in the national alcohol register at the request of the importer. The customs official checks the existence of the registration on the website of the alcohol register
  • The customs declaration must indicate the definition of the alcohol (type, name, manufacturer, volume of sales package, ethanol content, batch…

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